Jul 9, 2012 3:37pm
How many lazy men’s truths have been admitted in the name of imagination! How often has the term imagination been used to prettify the unhealthy tendency of the soul to soar off in a boundless quest after truth, leaving the body where it always was! How often have men escaped from the pains of their own bodies with the aid of that sentimental aspect of the imagination that feels the ills of others’ flesh as its own! And how often has the imagination unquestioningly exalted spiritual sufferings whose relative value was in fact excessively difficult to gauge! And when this type of arrogance of the imagination links together the artist’s act of expression and its accomplices, there comes into existence a kind of fictional “thing”—the work of art—and it is this interference from a large number of such “things” that has steadily perverted and altered reality. As a result, men end up coming into contact only with shadows and lose the courage to make themselves at home with the tribulations of their own flesh. - yukio mishima, sun and steel
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